Hi there!

I am a Southern California-based landscape photographer with a two-decade journey in photography. While my photographic odyssey began 20 years ago, my true passion blossomed with the advent of digital photography. What ignites my creativity is the process of transforming my images on a computer, striving to mirror the breathtaking landscapes that captivate my own eyes.

In pursuit of authenticity, I employ straightforward techniques, steering clear of an over-processed aesthetic often associated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) methods. My muse lies in the exploration of unique, seldom-seen corners of the world—places untouched by human presence or artificial structures. My ultimate objective is to encapsulate the intrinsic beauty of these natural realms, unadorned by human influence.

While my heart leans towards the majesty of seascapes and mountainscapes, I find joy in exploring the realms of night and occasionally delving into the intricate world of macro photography. In 2018, my dedication to the craft was acknowledged when capturelandscapes.com named me one of the top 25 Landscape Photographers in the World. Additionally, I secured Second Place in the prestigious International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest.

The years 2020 and 2021 brought further accolades, as I clinched First Place in the MPI 6th and 7th IIC – International Image Challenge in Landscape/Nature and Fine Art categories. Notably, I emerged as the top winner in the 2021 International Nature Photographer of the Year, securing the second spot in the Nature category. My photographic works have found their way into a myriad of esteemed publications, including Photography Masterclass magazine, LeNs Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Creativ magazine, Shots! Portuguese Photography Magazine, Answer Magazine, Creative Quarterly Art Journal, Tamron Photography Magazine, and numerous others.

I currently shoot with Nikon Z8/Z9 cameras along with Z-mount Nikon S lenses.