Andrew Waddington grew up in the north of England, his first job was as a salesman in his father’s camera shop back in the mid 80’s. Later his passion for photography grew when he began traveling in the early 90’s. His life has been one long adventure that has seen him sail around the world, bicycle around the world and visit a total of some 60+ countries.

When he’s not training as a marathon runner Andrew Waddington likes to hike, climb and photograph in Patagonia. Andrew has been visiting Patagonia on an almost annual pilgrimage since 2010. He stays through summer, fall and winter trying to capture the changing seasons. Experience has taught him to use the weather conditions to determine the best places to shoot so as to maximise the chances for successful images.

Considering himself to be a digital photographer with an analogue mindset Andrew likes to keep his images natural. He seeks to take photographs that require the bare minimum of processing so as to accurately represent the scene he witnessed.